About Us

Everything about Tru Uniforms represents the unique character of an organically grown Family Business which has focussed its growth around the demands and needs of its loyal and local customers.

The brand Tru Schoolwear launched in 1991 – the business has seen year on year growth and remains a heavy-weight player in the North West region, in particular in the school uniform realm.

Tru Schoolwear has over the years acquired a number of local businesses, in particular, those with a School Uniform presence. The business now stocks and supplies uniforms in respect of over 150 Schools with over 30 Corporate Businesses and the list is forever growing.

With over three decades of experience within the industry and a plethora of suppliers on its panel, the business has fine-tuned the balance between providing outstanding quality whilst yet maintaining an offering to its customers in respect of keeping all year round competitive prices.

With the above in mind, the business offers a unique service whereby bespoke items (whether it be a one-off piece or the need for a special size for an item of clothing) can be made to order even at short notice.

As firm advocates of the British goods industry, we are very few stores in Manchester & Accrington to ensure that most of our School wear items are made in England from start to finish whilst focusing on Sustainability. 

We have accounts with the heavy weights of the school wear industry such as: One+All, Trutex, David Luke, Falcon Sportswear, Chadwicks, Winterbottom-Schoolwear, Banner, William-Turner and more.

Mr. Ash Vij running Tru Uniforms has gained majority of his experience from the Accrington branch over the years he and his team will continually aim to source and design new products making it cost effective whilst maintaining quality. They will continue to liase directly with the Heads of School and its Governors to ensure that uniforms are kept practical and fit for purpose in accordance with the feedback and requests of its customers.


WINNER of Prestige Awards 2021/2022 - School Supply Store of the Year 2021/2022
- WINNER of Style and Apparel Awards 2022 - Schoolwear Retailer of the Year - North West England 
- WINNER of Prestige Awards 2022/2023 - School Supply Store of the Year 2022/2023
- WINNER of Innovation & Excellence Awards 2023 - Uniform Retailer of the Year